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In the summer of 2020, while the world endured great hardships in the face of a “new normal,” the founders of FLUX Collaborative, all with various design backgrounds, speculated how they could work together to help others reimagine their homes to be spaces they would enjoy spending so much more time in.


What began as a casual conversation that circled around a kitchen remodel quickly resulted in two of the partners selling their homes in Atlanta and relocating to Austin. A few brainstorming sessions and a champagne toast later, FLUX Collaborative was born.




Trained as an architect and formerly a Design Director for a noted international design firm, Mican has been creating memorable spaces for decades. From his early childhood, while helping his mom move around the furniture in their home, to more recent years, crafting dream weddings for friends and family, Mican knows how to make a statement. With an unabashed flair for the dramatic, and an impeccable attention to detail, he loves taking a client's ideas to the next level. When not in the studio, Mican enjoys entertaining in the kitchen and painting custom pieces for friends and clients homes.



Having worked on both coasts, John brings a unique perspective to all his projects. His quick wit and endearing personality allow him to quickly connect with clients and help them realize their vision. With a background in procurement, home furnishings, residential + corporate design, John understands how to navigate projects of different scales and complexities. The grandson of both an interior designer and watercolor artist, as well as the son of a former art teacher, design has always been a part of John's life. While he appreciates many design styles, his primary inspiration is mid-century. A passionate dog lover, audiophile and beer connoisseur, Austin is the perfect home.

smiling dog in park on green grass



Phoebe brings a lifetime of experience to FLUX, where she proudly serves as the Client Relations Manager. With a wagging tail and a warm smile, she excels in creating lasting connections with both two-legged and four-legged clients alike. Phoebe's people (and pup) skills make her an essential member of the team. When she's not greeting clients with a friendly bark, Phoebe enjoys playing fetch, getting belly rubs, and ensuring that every project is tail-waggingly perfect!

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