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  • Mican Allen Andrews

We're Here ... Just for You!

Interior Designers with the downtown Austin skyline in the background
Principals | Mican Allen Andrews + John Ballentine

Welcome! We're glad you found us.

Part of our job as designers is to educate our clients not only regarding latest trends or thoughtful space planning, but also about the design process itself. We realized that some of you might have questions about how one might engage with a designer, and what an interior designer can do for you. So we thought we’d take this opportunity to create a design blog.

Our primary goal is to educate, but we also want to hear from you. Are there specific questions that you have about a pending project? Or would you just like to check out new design trends as curated by a couple of design experts. Between the two of us, John and I have more than 35 years in the design industry. As well as a lot of opinions on what really works and what doesn’t.

So please join us on this journey to become a go-to design resource and feel free to share with friends and family. We will try to post weekly and hope to provide an array of information from décor ideas to lessons learned. Thanks, and we hope you enjoy the ride!


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