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From hands-on creative work to practical advice, we want to ensure that all of our clients find exactly what they’re looking for. A firm belief in timeless and functional design defines the kind of services offered here at FLUX Collaborative. If you have any additional questions after browsing the services we offer, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Image by Hal Gatewood


Our full-service interior design process begins with complete design concept creation and direct engagement with you the homeowner and the architect or contractor. With a soup-to-nuts approach, we provide design services from the initial thoughts of a project, through the implementation of design, including full furnishings, art and décor.


Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Space Planning

  • Indoor-outdoor living area design

  • Furniture layout

  • Architectural details and drawings

  • Color palette consultation



Through your FLUX Collaborative designer, you’ll have access to various trade resources and discounts that you wouldn’t receive at most retail stores. While many people think interior designers are limited to just furniture and fabrics, we are also a great resource for the following:


  • Cabinetry

  • Custom millwork design

  • Wallcoverings

  • Stone and solid surfaces

  • Flooring

  • Lighting

  • Appliance packages

  • Plumbing fixtures

  • Home accessories

  • Window treatments

  • Area rugs

  • Art consultation

  • Antique sourcing


We will also handle the purchasing and logistics of the above items to eliminate stress and endless phone calls on your behalf.

Cima kitchen B&Fsm.jpg


Some projects go beyond just paint and furniture. Walls need to be removed, outdated flooring needs to be replaced, or existing cabinetry needs to be remodeled. An additional offering that FLUX Collaborative provides is full project management services for your renovation project. With over 40 years of combined project management experience, we are able to manage multiple projects at a time. From establishing and monitoring a project budget, through coordination of various trades, including continued project updates to the client throughout the process, we work to deliver a project that stays on budget and is a reflection of our clients’ personality and style.

No two projects are ever the same, but we strive to provide consistent service based on adhering to a three-part design process; DEFINE, DESIGN, + DELIVER. Experience has shown that these standard procedures help our clients feel confident that their projects are being completed with the greatest care.  




First, we have a consultation to meet you and discuss your project needs. This allows us to get to know each other a little better and make sure we’re a good fit for the project. This can be done in three ways:  


  • 30 min phone consultation – free of charge

  • 2 hour in-person meeting - $500, to be applied to the balance of the design fee should the project move forward

  • Remote Consultation – varies by case, but allows for us to consult in other locales outside of Austin, TX


During this initial phase, we will define the scope of the project and establish the target project budget.




Next, we drill down into the specifics of a project.  This is when we turn all of your wants/needs into a design concept. Though some of these steps can be grouped together, we follow them in order. 


  • Site Survey - Visit the project site to take dimensions and investigate existing conditions

  • Design Development – Create concept drawings, make finish specifications and furniture selections 

  • Design Presentation – This is an in-person presentation to review the design and make final selections

  • Construction Drawings – Create specific drawings for the architect and various trades to use in building out the project

  • Cost Analysis – A Rough Order of Magnitude budget is created to keep costs in alignment with the initial project budget

  • Project Timeline – Establish a schedule for the implementation of the project





This last phase is where your project comes to life! Depending on the scale of your project, certain steps may be combined or eliminated.


  • Material Procurement – purchase all specialty items for your project and coordinate with trades

  • Place furniture orders – set up delivery schedules for the project based on shipping dates

  • Project Site Prep – remove existing furniture/art/elements from the project site and protect any items that will be re-used in the final project

  • Labor + Construction – full build out from demolition through final construction

  • Furniture installation – layout of purchased furniture and adjustment in place

  • Art + Accessories – hang selected artwork and style the project with rugs, books and other decorative objects

  • Punch walk – review project and ensure all elements are delivered as expected

  • Final Invoicing – financial close out of project

  • Photography – one day of project photography, scheduled at the client’s convenience for FLUX COLLABORATIVE’s use on the website or other social media

  • Project Conclusion – final project questionnaire

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